east noble autism awareness

Support. Advocate. Educate.

support.  advocate.  educate.

East Noble School Corporation has an Autism team that is made up of teachers and parents who are meant to be a resource for anyone who has questions about children on the Autism Spectrum. This could include teachers who have students in class, parents, and grandparents who have a child on the spectrum. This may also include coaches, youth group leaders or anyone else who has a desire to learn more about Autism.

parent resources

Check out the Indiana Resource Center for Autism!  It is a HUGE resource for parents of students on the spectrum as well as for those who work with students on the spectrum.  This website includes:

  • Visual Supports (continually changing) includes free printable material as well as photo examples
  • Autism House (video tour of visual supports for the home or for domestic tasks in school)
  • Information about Diagnostic Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Articles to read about structured teaching (plus many more)
    • Structured Teaching Strategies: A Series
    • Transition Time: Helping Individuals on the Autism Spectrum Move Successfully From one Activity to Another
    • Clean up your Act! Creating an Organized Classroom Environment for Students on the Spectrum
    • Making the Most of Morning Meeting
For the Indiana Resource Center for Autism, go to:  https://www.iidc.indiana.edu/pages/irca

respite care

NEED A BREAK? It is okay, we all do!

To learn what respite care is, please visit the following site:

Look at these other resources that provide respite care in Indiana.

wish your child could communicate better?

Do you wish your child could communicate better? Take a look at these augmentative and alternative communication options.


Is Your child preparing for an interview?

Is your child looking for a job? Sometimes it is hard for people with Autism to go through the interview process. One way we can assist with that is to practice and prepare for the questions that might be asked. When a child or adult feels confident, he or she might feel more comfortable in the process. HANDS in Autism has some forms that might help. Whats The Dress Code could help with how to dress for the interview. Prepare for the Interview could help your child with what questions might be asked. Going over these questions and having answers prepared might help the person feel confident in answering questions for the real interview